CSA Implicit Bias Scenarios – Summary of New Series


Studies support the notion that healthcare professionals are not exempt from bias. Education, introspection and dialogue surrounding one’s own bias can create significant emotions.  Readily admitting to personal biases and/or their potential influence on clinical practice are unlikely to occur in one simulation.

Therefore, the aim of the scenario series  is not to identify individual biases in front of peers in a “gotcha” style, but rather provide a clinical experience that allows the learner to safely explore concepts of bias while having the opportunity to develop and practice specific interpersonal skills.  The RESPECT model is used as a guiding framework for the majority of the scenarios.

You can find a complete summary of the scenarios hereCLICK HERE
The below scenarios are validated and available below. Click on the titles to download.
Implicit Bias Substance Use Disorder
Implicit Bias Weight Stigma/Linguistic Competency
Implicit Bias Obstetrics
Implicit Bias Transgender
Implicit Bias Microaggression