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The California Simulation Alliance

In 2008, HealthImpact founded the California Simulation Alliance (CSA) to network and support interdisciplinary healthcare educators in California and beyond.  Increasingly, healthcare professionals are utilizing multiple types of simulation in pre-licensure schools to provide a high-quality clinical experiences and in hospitals to improve patient care and teamwork.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Strengthening the healthcare workforce through high-quality simulation .

Mission: To strengthen expertise in simulation and advocate for simulation policy through interprofessional education, collaboration, and evidence-based practice

Values:  (Education, Collaboration, Partnerships, Research, Policy)

Education:  We believe that evidence-based simulation prepares students for practice, strengthens curricula, and that all simulation faculty need ongoing development

Collaboration: Networking and sharing best practices strengthens our alliance

Partnerships: Strategic partnerships are critical to  advance simulation best practices and expand opportunities for outreach

Research: We promote inter-organizational research on simulation

Policy: We are a voice for simulation to continuously improve the preparation of the healthcare workforce


Subscription pricing:

Individual rates:

$125 in state (CA)
$400 out of state
$ 450 outside of the US

Hospital and School Rates:

Bronze: Non profit and state institutions ($350 per year)

  • 4 Individual Subscriptions ($150 savings)

Silver: Mid sized institutions ($550 per year)

  • 6 Individual Subscriptions ($200 savings)

Gold: Large institutions ($750 per year)

  • 8 Individual Subscriptions ($250 savings)

Platinum: Large health systems or multi campus schools ($950 per year)

  • 10 Individual Subscriptions ($300 savings)



“It’s great to be an active subscriber to one of the largest simulation collaboratives in the country with access to the latest news on what’s happening in clinical simulation across the state. I have participated and taught in many of the CSA courses and the learners in these programs are very satisfied.  Nurse educators in hospitals and schools can stay up to date through the list-serve, newsletter and participation in quarterly conference calls …”

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